Dr. Christine Zapata | Personal Brand Photography | Seattle, WA

What a super fun personal brand session captured in Seattle! Dr. Christine Zapata is a chiropractor and business coach, who needed some updated lifestyle-type headshots, as well as some images for some upcoming blogs. Her website needed a refresh of photos and she also needed images for regular social media posting. Her ideal client loves to see photos of her and her husband (and even more of their dog named Indiana Jones!) So we had a strategy meeting and really planned out some great stories to tell that helped her accomplish all of the above!

We started in her office, capturing some images of her with one of her patients (who also happens to be her ideal client) so that it spoke to her brand.

We then went to a coffee shop to get some photos of her doing what she loves (drinking coffee, reading, listening to podcasts, meditating, and being adorable with her husband, JeffπŸ˜‰).

Lastly, we went on a hike with her husband and pup, Indiana! Seattle is SO GREEN I just couldn’t get over it! I loved it! Scroll down to see the full session video, and also some of my favorites!

Christine had some upcoming blog posts written about specific stretches to help with back pain so we captured some images to go with that!
We sent her husband, Jeff, ahead to the coffee shop that had the perfect lighting (I scouted it ahead of time πŸ˜‰) and he was a trooper and camped out in the exact spot I wanted πŸ˜‚Β . I snagged this quick image of him before we got started with Christine. πŸ˜‰
Christine had an upcoming blog post on immunity and some natural remedies to help keep your immune system up. She talked about all of these products so we got a couple of images for her to use to promote and use in the blog post!
Seriously, how CUTE ARE THEY?! 😍😍
Can you believe it that I had to convince her to wear this PERFECT red coat?! She wanted to wear all black. I’m always going to encourage you (stronglyπŸ˜‰) to add a pop of color!
She had some upcoming content about meditating and the “Headspace” app.
I saw this wall and about DIED. LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
The real star of this session, Indiana Jones! 😍
One of my favorite images!!!! πŸ’›πŸ’›
So one of Christine’s blog posts that she needed some content for was where she talks about and explains what a “Forest Bath” is, so these next couple images are to go with that. And honestly, some of my favorite images from this session!

Thank you Christine, Jeff (& Indiana) for inviting me out to Seattle and trusting me to tell your brand story by capturing these images! You guys are so much fun and I had such a blast spending time with you! To learn more about Dr. Christine, you can visit her website here: https://www.emeraldcityspinal.com/

With love,


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