Empowered Girls Project

A photograph experience for young girls to show them how smart, beautiful and creative they are. We work with them one-on-one and together through photography we build their inner confidence by showing them they have amazing ideas and insight and can change the world. 

the empowered girls experience

The Empowered Girl Experience Consists of an interview that help girls connect with themselves, inspires them to dream big set goals and find solutions to some of their own challenges or obstacles. We help girls find their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses and then come up with ideas on how to overcome some of the things that challenge them! We talk about school, family, relationships and the things they are passionate about.

STEP 1: Interview

The Experience

We then move into a photography experience that helps girls connect with different facets of their personalities since we want girls to know that they can be one way in the classroom and another way on the sports field or dance studio! Part of the preparation for the photography experience is talking to girls about what they are going to wear and how they control the power of how they want to be seen in the world by others which is one of the first steps towards teaching them to be responsible with their image on social media etc. 

STEP 2: Photography SEssion

After the photography experience is the big reveal where we take girls through a process where they view the images and hear some of their own words and ideas from the Experience Day Interview. The goal is to view the images together and have a discussion on how simple things from lighting to posing to the simple tilt of the head can change the entire emotion and message of an image. With the extracurricular images girls are able to see some of their strengths and weaknesses, this has proven to be especially beneficial for dancers, gymnasts and those sports with a heavy emphasis on body placement to achieve desire results in a maneuver.

 Big reveal

The Final Piece is that we help girls find images that are reflective of who they are at their core and how they want to be seen in the world. Our goal is for girls to leave from this experience with some beautiful artwork to be displayed in their rooms as a reminder to themselves every morning when they way of of this incredible experience, how Amazing they felt and how Fabulous they are!  

final piece

our work

Empowered Girl Stories





Click the images below to view the full portrait session + story of each empowered girl.



As a young girl, I played sports and was a “tomboy” who often dressed more “boy-ish” in athletic clothes and was sometimes teased for not being girly enough. Middle school and high school are HARD. Kids are mean. As I grew up, I started to figure out who I was and found comfort in my church youth group and my sports teammates. Then in early adult-hood post-college, something happened that turned my life upside down…

my story to becoming empowered.

about me

I got sick. Really sick. So sick that no doctor in town could figure out what was wrong with me and for months I was told “it’s all in your head.” This was devastating to be told over and over that no one believed me. Finally, I was blessed to get an appointment at the Mayo Clinic and they diagnosed me with a condition called POTS. It has been a (very) bumpy ride since that day…I have lost friends, fought for my health and gained a new perspective on what is important in life. These experiences have made me who I am and I am grateful for them in helping to make me the empowered woman I am today! 

my story...

about me

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