Shawn & Lacey | Indianapolis, IN Brand Photography

Drs. Shawn Dill and Lacey Book are a true “power couple” in every sense of the word! They both own the chiropractic franchise, The Specific Chiropractic Centers with 16 offices across the United States. They are Amazon best-selling authors of the book, “None of Your Business” that teaches service-based professionals how to grow and thrive in business. They teach other chiropractors through their upper-cervical program, The Art of the Specific and also go on multiple mission trips all over the world every year. On top of that, they run a 600+ member community called The Black Diamond Club where they coach service-based entrepreneurs on how to build the life of their dreams. They also put on 3 workshops a year for their members teaching on Sales, Money Mindset and Marketing. They also put on one of the biggest entrepreneur growth conferences called SummerCamp (which will be hosted here in Indianapolis in 2020!).

Shawn and Lacey have both been on the blog separately for their individual brands, but this session is just focused on them as a power-couple.

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