Hannah + Austin | Engagement Photography | Indianapolis, IN

Love is in the air! This couple is all kinds of adorable and I am looking forward to capturing their wedding in April 2019! Austin and his family are definitely not strangers to the blog😉I captured his extended family just last year and if we go waaaaaay back, I even captured his high school senior portraits 5 years ago! 😃  TIME FLIES and I am so excited for this couple and their engagement! Austin did a fabulous job with Hannah’s beautiful ring. He had some help from his mom, Reashea over at Shea’s Diamonds. 😍
Austin and Hannah brought along their ADORABLE pup, Chief, to the session and he appears in a few photos 😉
Engagement-Photos-Couple-OutdoorEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-LoveThe doggie head tilt is on point here LOLEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-Dancing-DogEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DogAren’t they SO CUTE?! 😘Engagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DancingEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DogEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DogAustin threatening taking away the treat bribes if he doesn’t behave 🤣Engagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-Love-DogEngagement-Photos-Couple-Outdoor-LoveEngagement-Photos-Couple-OutdoorEngagement-Photos-Couple-OutdoorThank you Hannah and Austin for being good sports during a chilly day to capture some engagement photos for you! Can’t wait until your big wedding day in April! 🙂
With love,