Lisa+Jeremiah+Teddy+Cameron 2017 | Family Photography | Indianapolis

Happy Fall Y’all! You know how I know it’s almost fall every year? Lisa contacts me and schedules her annual family portrait session πŸ™‚ Lisa, Jeremiah, Teddy and Cameron are no strangers to Malmo Photography. In fact, they were one of my very first clients back in the day when Teddy was turning one. I am so grateful for their continued support and trust in me to capture these special times in their lives πŸ™‚
If you’re new to the blog and these two red-headed handsome boys…they were both born on October 30, just two years apart. They are true “birthday twins” and every year we schedule their family session close to their birthday. This is the second time we have done a session at their homeΒ and I have to say that being invited into your home to capture your family in their natural element is one of my favorite things! Keep scrolling to see how these adorable boys have grown up into fun five and three year olds!These boys LOVE their sports (especially football) just like Mom and Dad πŸ™‚It was getting a little chilly outside so we decided to head inside and carve some pumpkins!Cameron wanted to practice singing “Happy Birthday” to Teddy and blowing out the candle before their birthday the following day πŸ™‚Β Photo on the right: We had turned off the lights so we could get a photo of the pumpkins while lit, and Jeremiah had just lit Teddy’s pumpkin and Cameron, without skipping a beat, leans over and blows out his candle, LOL. We had one unhappy Ted after that. What are little brothers for?! πŸ˜‰We headed back outside to get a few of just Lisa and Jeremiah πŸ™‚Thank you so much Lisa, Jeremiah, Teddy and Cameron for inviting me into your home (again) and having some fun while we capture some family memories for you!
With love,