Welcome Home, Genene! | Oren Family

Sometimes the unexpected and last minute things in life are the best. At the same time, some of the most precious things in life take time, even when it’s not how we would prefer it would be. This “session” has a pretty amazing story and family behind it…and I was only thrown into the mix less than 24 hours before the home arrival of sweet Genene. The Oren family had been waiting a LONG time to bring their son, Genene, home from Ethiopia (you can read more about their story here). They have 5 kids – Mekonen is 8 (also from Ethiopia), Evie is 6, Penelope is 3, Genene is also 3 and Sylvia is 9 months old and made the trip with Rachael and Jon.
The images below are the memories photographed as the Oren family brought their son Genene home as all their friends and family waited to welcome them home at the Indianapolis Airport!
Here they come! I love the joy on little Sylvia’s face in this set of photos! 😀One of my favorites — Sylvia is so happy, John is smiling ear-to-ear admiring his wife who is lovingly looking at their son Genene who they have traveled SO far to bring home 🙂The family of seven is finally all together!Mekonen was excited to meet his brother and could not stop hugging him. It was so precious <3Senator Todd Young was very supportive in helping to get Genene home and was kind enough to also be there to welcome the Oren family home!Poor Genene – he was exhausted and overwhelmed, but he was a champ for all the chaos. 🙂Love these!!Jon is so proud of his wife – I love this image of his admiration for her where it looks like he is almost in happy tears. Welcome home, Genene!
With love,