Adrianna | 1st Birthday | Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Adrianna! This little girl is sweet as can be and I had tons of fun capturing her before and during her first birthday party! Her mom, Robin, who lives in Florida, was a sorority sister and reached out about needing a photographer for Adrianna’s birthday party that was being hosted back here in Indianapolis. Robin truly outdid herself with all of the details and coordination of everything! You will see what I mean as you scroll through the blog… 🙂 Adrianna was not the most thrilled about the crown, but isn’t is SO ADORABLE?!  I also love how Robin’s dress coordinated with Adrianna’s outfits 🙂Once the crown was off, we got more smiles! 😀 LOLRobin and Adrianna- you ladies are so beautiful (and look so much alike)! I see it over and over again…the joy that kids get out of the littlest things (not big extravagant gifts) is the most amazing thing to witness. Prime example: Adrianna could not get enough of playing the balloons and just bouncing up and down with them! These next set of photos are my favorite from the day of her face of pure joy, and it’s all just from balloons! 🙂 I love it. “Mom, do I HAVE to wear this crown again while I eat my cake?!”
Icing always gets in the hair…always. 😀“You can’t eat all of that by yourself right?” What are cousins for?! 😉I really love this one too <3 Happiness!Remember what I said earlier about the detail Robin put into this day? See her nails — they are even painted pink and gold to match 🙂Happy girl, Adrianna!Time to open presents!Happy Birthday, Adrianna! Thanks for inviting me into your family for a day to capture this special celebration as this beautiful girl turns one!
With love,