Lucy | 6 Months Old | Family Photography

I cannot believe my baby niece, Lucy, is already 6 months (now 7 months) old!!! It has been quite the adventure becoming an Auntie and I will try to keep my “Oh my gosh she is the CUUUUTEST” comments to a minimum in this post 😉 She was 6 months old when I took these photos and she has already changed so much since then. We decided to capture them in our mom’s backyard before one of our family dinners. She is a stinker but boy, she is cute! 🙂 Oh dear Lucy…a daughter of two major IU fans, and her full head of hair from birth has thinned out, and we joke that she is rocking a Gene Keady combover right now LOL Ok y’all…of course I get photos almost every session of atleast one person in the family blinking. I only post this because if you know my sister and brother-in-law, they are BLINKERS lol. I died laughing when I was culling images from this session and got one with all 3 of the with their eyes closed. They are definitely related haha.
I just LOVE THIS SWEET FACE!!!! 🙂 🙂 <3 <3You know me, I love the candids, and my own family is no exception 😉 Lucy has a really mean RBF look and it CRACKS.ME.UP!!! Dad, Lucy is not amused [left] 😀My pup, #PhoebeSue, investigates this tiny human some more…still unsure of her and her place in the family after 6 months lolI love this set of photos…she just looks SO CUDDLY I just want to squeeze her!Dad can sure make her belly laugh! 🙂 🙂 With her best pal, Calbert (named after Calbert Cheany…the first IU basketball player that Lindsey met as a kid)I’m not sure why, but I love these candid shots of mom reading to baby. This also reminds me of Lindsey’s maternity session when they were reading to baby Graham 🙂 As much as we all roll our eyes at the antics of Phoebe (my pup), we all really do love her deep down. She keeps us laughing 🙂
Thanks seeester and sweet baby niece of mine! I can’t wait to continue to capture you as you grow the rest of your life!
Auntie Malmo

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