Evan | Class of 2017 Fishers High School Senior

The next 2017 senior up on the blog is Evan! He is a senior from Fishers High School and plans to play baseball in college. We had a warm November day and the beautiful fall colors were still around — this fall has been awesome in terms of being able to stretch out the colors as much as possible.
Fun fact story: Evan is cousins with Hannah (if you don’t see the resemblance, this is a warning to get your eyes checked 😉 ). As you may remember Hannah is also my cousin (my dad and her mom are siblings) but Evan is a cousin on the other side of her family (Hannah’s dad and Evan’s mom are siblings). Confused yet?! Ha 😉 Enjoy Evan’s senior portrait session below 🙂
Thanks Evan for spending an afternoon with me to capture your senior portraits! You are going to do amazing things wherever life may take you after high school 🙂
With love,