Graham |3 Months Old | Portrait Photography

Mr. Graham is 3 months already! He and his family are no strangers to the blog, I feel like I JUST captured their maternity and newborn photos! We had a beautiful fall day with Graham and mom Kristen (poor dad, John, was at home with a kidney stone 🙁 we missed you!) but we made the best of it and still had so much fun!  I’m telling you, this little boy’s personality is truly starting to come out in his expressions, haha. This kid is hilarious and I cannot wait to see him become more and more his own person as he continues to grow 🙂 graham-baby-portrait-photography_0001“You talkin’ to me?!” 😀 | Photo on the right — he’s thinking about giving me the bird…LOLgraham-baby-portrait-photography_0002graham-baby-portrait-photography_0003graham-baby-portrait-photography_0004graham-baby-portrait-photography_0005graham-baby-portrait-photography_0006graham-baby-portrait-photography_0007graham-baby-portrait-photography_0008Oh my goshhh these are my favorite. Look at that face and those beautiful hazel (may be brown?!) eyes!! <3graham-baby-portrait-photography_0009graham-baby-portrait-photography_0010graham-baby-portrait-photography_0011BUBBLES! 🙂 graham-baby-portrait-photography_0012Kristen, I’ve said it before but you are such a gorgeous mama!graham-baby-portrait-photography_0013I posted this one below on my facebook — do you like the color or BW version better? I honestly love them both and couldn’t decide so I’m posting both 🙂graham-baby-portrait-photography_0014graham-baby-portrait-photography_0015graham-baby-portrait-photography_0016graham-baby-portrait-photography_0017graham-baby-portrait-photography_0018graham-baby-portrait-photography_0019graham-baby-portrait-photography_0020It only took me the entire session to figure out what would make this cutie-pa-tootie laugh…saying the word “poop”. I kid you not. This reminded me of the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel could only get Emma to laugh when they sang “Baby Got Back” LOLgraham-baby-portrait-photography_0021
Thank you Kristen and Graham for spending some time with me and letting me capture this growing boy! See you in January for his 6 month photos — I can’t wait! 🙂
With love,

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