Kyle| Class of 2017 Lawrence North High School Senior | Portrait Photography

The next high school senior on the blog is Kyle! He is a senior at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis and is in the marching band. Kyle is a great kid that I know will do amazing things!
*Fun story – Kyle’s mom, Julie, was a 5th grade teacher in the classroom next to mine as I was a 5th grader at Forest Glen. Some of my friends were in her class so I knew her when I was just a wee little 10 year old 🙂 One of my clients referred Julie to me (Thanks Reashea!) and then we connected the dots. What a small world and I am so grateful! 🙂
kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0001kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0002Ahh the fall colors are my FAVORITE! kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0003kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0004kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0005kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0006kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0007kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0008kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0009kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0010kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0011kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0012kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0013kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0014kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0015kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0016kyle-senior-portrait-photography_0017Congrats Kyle on being a senior! I can’t wait to hear what you “grow up” to be! Nothing short of awesome I’m sure of it!
With love,