Ron+Tracy+Aiden+Delilah+James | Family Portrait Photography | Indianapolis

One of my favorite family’s called to schedule their annual family portrait session and I always look forward to spending time with this group! Tracy and Ron and their 3 kiddos, Aiden (9), Delilah (8) and James (7) are no strangers to the blog. Just a year ago we captured Tracy and Ron’s beautiful September wedding. This session was meant to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and also capture some memories of their family as they grow up over the years. Enjoy this fun and goofy family below! 🙂boland-family-portrait-photography_0001boland-family-portrait-photography_0002boland-family-portrait-photography_0003boland-family-portrait-photography_0004boland-family-portrait-photography_0005boland-family-portrait-photography_0006boland-family-portrait-photography_0007These kiddos crack me up!boland-family-portrait-photography_0008boland-family-portrait-photography_0009Seriously, aren’t they just ADORABLE?!boland-family-portrait-photography_0010boland-family-portrait-photography_0011boland-family-portrait-photography_0012James is quite the character 😉boland-family-portrait-photography_0013If you go back to their wedding, they had a special sand pouring ceremony where each of the 5 of them poured in a different color sand into this hour glass. Tracy had a great idea that each year on their anniversary they would flip it over. Then throughout the years, the sand would become more and more mixed together. I LOVE this idea! <3
boland-family-portrait-photography_0014boland-family-portrait-photography_0015boland-family-portrait-photography_0016boland-family-portrait-photography_0017Aiden, you are such a stud!boland-family-portrait-photography_0018boland-family-portrait-photography_0019boland-family-portrait-photography_0020boland-family-portrait-photography_0021boland-family-portrait-photography_0022boland-family-portrait-photography_0023boland-family-portrait-photography_0024You guys are the cutest couple 🙂 boland-family-portrait-photography_0025boland-family-portrait-photography_0026Haha 😀 boland-family-portrait-photography_0027I am super excited to share the next few images. I went hiking at this location a month or so ago at sunset and got this idea that I wanted to capture a family in silhouette at sunset on top of the hill. Thanks guys for being up for my crazy ideas! 🙂 boland-family-portrait-photography_0028boland-family-portrait-photography_0029boland-family-portrait-photography_0030boland-family-portrait-photography_0031boland-family-portrait-photography_0032boland-family-portrait-photography_0033boland-family-portrait-photography_0034boland-family-portrait-photography_0035boland-family-portrait-photography_0036
Thank  you Ron, Tracy, Aiden, Delilah and James for asking me to spend time with your family and have some fun! I can’t wait until next year! 🙂
With love,