Rimmie+Ronnie+Baby Boy | Maternity Photography | Indianapolis

Everyone meet one of the cutest couples and soon-to-be-parents, Rimmie and Ronnie! They are going to be first time parents to a baby boy any day now! We had a beautiful evening to capture some maternity photos of this special time in their lives. We did have to reschedule 3x due to crummy weather, but I am so glad we got it in last week because baby boy arrived a week later!! Both Rimmie and Ronnie are exuding excitement to meet their son in these photos and they are both so beautiful in what you can tell is a crazy amount of love for this baby. 🙂 rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0001rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0002rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0003rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0004rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0005rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0006rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0007rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0008Seriously, aren’t they the cutest?!rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0009rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0010Rimmie – you are STUNNING! I hope I look this good at almost 9 months pregnant some day! rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0011rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0012rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0013rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0014rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0015
rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0018rimmie-maternity-portrait-photography_0016Thank you Rimmie and Ronnie for asking me to capture your maternity photos and your love and excitement for your baby boy! I am so glad that everyone is happy and healthy! He sure is lucky to have amazing parents like you 🙂
With love,