Trent | Class of 2017 Senior | Carmel, IN Photography

It is definitely senior portrait season and I love it! Meet Trent – he is a Carmel High School senior. We had an amazing evening to capture some photos in downtown Zionsville. Trent plays baseball and is a devoted athlete and hopes to play in college. He was so easy to work with and honestly, I think you may have a future in modeling. Once you see the photos below, you will agree! 🙂
*Fun fact: Trent’s mom was my 6th grade language arts teacher, and I don’t think Trent was even born then. Man, does that make me feel old! 😉trent-senior-portrait-photography_0001trent-senior-portrait-photography_0002trent-senior-portrait-photography_0003trent-senior-portrait-photography_0004I love this shot below – but also loved it in BW! I posted both side-by-side on my facebook page if you wanted to see the BW version too. 😉trent-senior-portrait-photography_0005trent-senior-portrait-photography_0006trent-senior-portrait-photography_0007trent-senior-portrait-photography_0008trent-senior-portrait-photography_0009trent-senior-portrait-photography_0010trent-senior-portrait-photography_0011trent-senior-portrait-photography_0012trent-senior-portrait-photography_0013trent-senior-portrait-photography_0014trent-senior-portrait-photography_0015trent-senior-portrait-photography_0016trent-senior-portrait-photography_0017trent-senior-portrait-photography_0018trent-senior-portrait-photography_0019trent-senior-portrait-photography_0020trent-senior-portrait-photography_0021trent-senior-portrait-photography_0022trent-senior-portrait-photography_0023trent-senior-portrait-photography_0024trent-senior-portrait-photography_0025trent-senior-portrait-photography_0026trent-senior-portrait-photography_0027trent-senior-portrait-photography_0028Thanks Trent (and Jolie and Madie) for hanging out and going along with some of my crazy ideas! Trent – you are going to go on and be a huge success in whatever it is you decide to pursue!