Rachael | Class of 2017 Senior Portrait Photography

Everyone meet Rachael! She is a senior at Lawrence Central High School and we were (finally) able to capture her senior portraits! We had to reschedule twice due to the lovely rain/monsoon weather we have been having here in Indianapolis. 🙂 We had a beautiful evening and I really enjoyed getting to know Rachael. She is also into photography and takes a photography class in school. We compared our experiences (I was a senior ::cough:: 12 years ago ::cough::) – where I had to actually learn how to develop film in a dark room and digital photography was JUST becoming popular. Like, 3-4 megapixel cameras we’re talkin’. LOL 😉 Rachael is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. She is going to do amazing things, that is for sure! 🙂 rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0001rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0002rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0003rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0004rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0005rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0006rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0007rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0008rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0011rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0009rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0010rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0012rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0013rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0014rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0015rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0016rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0017rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0018rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0019rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0020Doesn’t she look like a model here? I didn’t even have to pose her for this one 😉rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0021rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0022Thank you, Rachael, for being a trooper and withstanding the CRAZY mosquitos this evening!  (They were REALLY bad. I walked away looking like I had the chicken pox!)rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0023rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0024rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0025rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0026rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0027rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0028rachael-senior-portrait-photography_0029Thank you, Rachael, for asking me to capture some images to celebrate your senior year of high school! I had so much fun with you! :)
With love,

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