Olivia :: Class of 2016 Fall Senior Portraits

More senior portraits! Yes, this is my sister Olivia, again 🙂 You will recognize her from her summer senior portrait session here. We wanted to capture some fall-esque shots and we were able to sneak in in early November while the colors were still around! Olivia-0014Olivia-0024Olivia-0032Olivia-0048Olivia-0051Olivia-0071-2We brought my pup, Phoebe, along so of course we had to capture a few with her and her Auntie Olivia 🙂 Olivia-0090Olivia-0094Olivia-0100Olivia-0103Olivia-0137Olivia-0579Olivia-0599Olivia-0608-2Olivia-0192Olivia-0205Olivia-0178Olivia-0207-2Olivia-0221Olivia-0234Olivia-0667-2Olivia-0726Olivia-0750Olivia-0771Olivia-0242Olivia-0268Olivia-0270Olivia-0274-2Olivia-0318Olivia-0339Olivia-0344Olivia-0349Olivia-0361-2Olivia-0369Olivia-0376Olivia-0377-2Olivia-0381Olivia-0401Olivia-0419Olivia-0424Olivia-0427

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