Claire+Will :: Children's Lifestyle Session

Now that Christmas is over, I can share this fun lifestyle session with you! You may recognize these adorable and hilarious kiddos from a session last fall. Well, Bill called me wanting to book a session to get some updated photos of Claire and Will (and their pup Teddy) for a gift for Jana for Christmas. It was a bit tricky but we were able to meet at their home while Jana was out of town for a few days on a trip with some friends πŸ™‚ I had so much fun (basically) playing with Will, Claire and Teddy in their backyard! It was one of those warm December days we have been having so jackets weren’t even needed.
Lifestyle sessions are my absolute favorite. I love being invited to your home and having the privilege to capture images of your family in your natural habitat. For me, having photos in your home setting are so precious as you can look back on those and remember many more memories than just what happened on the day of the sessions. πŸ™‚
Enjoy these fun images of my afternoon with this gang! Their personalities really shine through I think πŸ˜‰
SwigartKids-0083SwigartKids1SwigartKids-0025SwigartKids-0121Claire showing me Teddy’s “leave it” treat trick. Teddy’s face says, “Did you get the picture lady? Can I have my treat now?” πŸ™‚
SwigartKids-0040SwigartKids2This photo makes me laugh! Anyone who has dogs (or any pet for that matter) knows that getting them to look at the camera is easier said than done. Getting Teddy into the right spot AND getting him to look at the camera was a bit of a challenge. Lol πŸ˜€SwigartKids-0147SwigartKids-0166SwigartKids-0171SwigartKids-0200Sibling love πŸ˜‰SwigartKids3SwigartKids-0223SwigartKids-0368SwigartKids4SwigartKids5SwigartKids-0370SwigartKids-0403SwigartKids-0407SwigartKids6SwigartKids-0428SwigartKids7This is one of my favorites <3 <3 <3Β SwigartKids-0460SwigartKids8SwigartKids-0492SwigartKids9SwigartKids-0570SwigartKids-0573Thank you Bill for inviting me over to help with this special Christmas gift for Jana! I would hardly call this “work” as I had so much fun with Will and Claire! I wish you all were still our next door neighbors so that I could laugh with these kiddos! πŸ™‚
With love,