I am excited to share the beautiful wedding of Tracy and Ron. You may remember them and their family from last summer. Tracy and Ron have three kids, Aiden (8), Delilah (7) and James (6). We were honored to be asked to capture their special day and cannot wait to share this story of their wedding day below.
The story of Tracy’s wedding dress was too cool not to share. She told me she got it for FREE and so of course I had to find out more. You see, Tracy and Ron are both in the United States Army. Tracy worked through an amazing organization called Brides Across America. They help military brides dreams come true by giving them a free wedding gown, that had been donated by another military bride! How cool is that?!
It was a beautiful day (even with the rain earlier in the day that Tracy and Ron decided to move the ceremony indoors) full of love, laughter and family. Enjoy! πŸ™‚Β BolandWedding-7005BolandWedding-7131BolandWedding-0054BolandWedding222BolandWedding221BolandWedding-7193I love the look on Ron’s face as he is holding back tears at the sight of his beautiful bride :’)Β BolandWedding-7232BolandWedding-7262BolandWedding-7273BolandWedding20BolandWedding19BolandWedding18I love it when blended families have a sand ceremony to incorporate their entire family. James was up first and we quickly realized that the funnel for the sand was, uh, not working so well.Β BolandWedding-0214Everyone remained patient, but in the end they decided to finish this part after the ceremony πŸ™‚BolandWedding-0228BolandWedding17I now pronounce you, husband and wife!BolandWedding16BolandWedding14The aftermath of the sand ceremony. While it didn’t go exactly as planned, this is a real life photo and I admired how Tracy and Ron handled it with such grace and patience.Β BolandWedding15BolandWedding13BolandWedding-7505BolandWedding12BolandWedding-0505BolandWedding11BolandWedding-0560BolandWedding-0587BolandWedding9Tracy – you are a STUNNING bride!!!BolandWedding-0680BolandWeddingB-7837
BolandWedding10BolandWedding-0755BolandWedding-0790BolandWedding8BolandWedding-0843BolandWedding7BolandWedding-7966BolandWedding-0858Cake topper = awesomeness and perfect for them πŸ™‚BolandWedding-0917BolandWedding6BolandWedding5BolandWedding-8021BolandWedding4BolandWedding-0005BolandWedding-0011First dance as husband and wife! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Β BolandWedding-8146BolandWedding-8163BolandWedding-8164BolandWedding3After their first husband and wife dance, they had a “family dance” that included the kids. It was beyond precious πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚BolandWedding2BolandWedding1BBolandWedding-0157Thank you Tracy, Ron, Aiden, Delilah and James for asking us to capture and be a part of your special day! We had so much fun with you (as always). Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Boland! πŸ™‚
With love,
Mallory & Colin