Nikki+Vili Engaged

Here is a wonderful couple that we recently photographed in Chicago — meet Nikki and Vili! Nikki is a sorority sister of mine and met her true love, Vili (who is from Finland!) at a mutual friends’ wedding. They had a long distance relationship and are now living together in the Windy City. You can see the love they have for each other in these photos. Enjoy this adorable couple 🙂 NikkiVili-01NikkiVili--NikkiVili--39NikkiVili---2NikkiVili-02NikkiVili--34NikkiVili---3NikkiVili---5NikkiVili--49NikkiVili--42NikkiVili---6NikkiVili--65NikkiVili-03NikkiVili--82NikkiVili--84NikkiVili--87NikkiVili--94NikkiVili-04NikkiVili--101NikkiVili---7NikkiVili---8What’s a city engagement session without a random photobomb?! 😀 NikkiVili--118NikkiVili---9NikkiVili---10NikkiVili--130NikkiVili--132NikkiVili--135Looking forward to your wedding coming up in August!
With love,
Mallory & Colin