JJ :: 2015 Senior

I am excited to share with you our first 2015 Senior, JJ! It was a great first spring session and we had so much fun with JJ on this beautiful afternoon. They wanted to capture some portraits of him incorporating the things that are close to his heart. Two of those things are the Boy Scouts and James Bond. JJ is a HUGE James Bond fan — and wait until you see him in a tux! 🙂 You won’t be surprised to find out that JJ was prom king! Everyone, meet JJ…JJSeniorWeb-0123JJSenior1JJSeniorWeb-0094JJSenior2JJSeniorWeb-0187JJSenior3JJSeniorWeb-0283JJSenior4JJSeniorWeb-0351JJSenior5JJSeniorWeb-0485JJSenior6JJSeniorWeb-0488JJSenior7JJSeniorWeb-0618JJ in his “JJ” hat 😀JJSenior8Candid moment between dad and JJ 🙂JJSeniorWeb-0567JJSenior9JJSeniorWeb-0784JJSeniorWeb-0797We wanted to capture just a couple of family shots at the end. Can you tell where JJ gets his sense of humor from? 😉JJSenior91JJSeniorWeb-0903Thank you for for asking us to capture JJ’s incredible personality, we had a great time and know JJ will do big things in the future! 🙂
With love,
Mallory & Colin