Cameron :: Newborn

Baby Cameron decided that he wanted to come into this world a few weeks early so that he could share his birthday with his big brother, Teddy! Yes, seriously…on Teddy’s 2nd birthday, Cameron was born and now these two brothers will forever be birthday twins. How fun?! I just recently posted Lisa+Jeremiah+Teddy+Baby Boy on the blog to capture some family/maternity photos before they welcomed Cameron and was thrilled when I found out that baby Cameron also had beautiful red hair. He was a very sleepy baby for our session and was such a champ. Everyone, meet Cameron… 🙂
Cameron-0634Cameron-0653Cameron1Cameron-0674Cameron-17Cameron-0793Cameron-19In love with his red hair!! WhiteFamily-0791Cameron-0798Teddy wasn’t as into the photography portion this time around. I don’t really blame him – we were interrupting his Mickey show 😀Cameron2Cameron-7683Cameron-7746Proud big brother! Cameron4Cameron-0986Cameron6ë P8¬lllƒ¬ƒ¬¨äƒu‘¥ÿÐôÐà(P9„d !d §öŠ¡Ì{z›&‰6ªÁ1¾72¯•Ï¥:¼[+­è¸åÉ#Ó:[fމ‡V6®•“bGˆ…n]¼öjŒ ¡Á¢¹"9 K*9 äB!¶AÿÒô[/3«‘	t™Cameron5Cameron-7782Cameron3Cameron-0154Cameron7I would expect nothing less from you, Teddy 😉 Cameron-0247This is real life with two boys 🙂 Love this. Cameron-0253One of my favorites <3Cameron-0285Cameron-0362Cameron-0372Cameron-0378Cameron-7831Cameron8Cameron is doing his own rendition of “Blue Christmas” with his Elvis lip here 😉
Cameron-7835Thank you Jeremiah, Lisa, Teddy and Cameron for inviting us into your home and introducing us to sweet baby Cameron! Can’t wait to watch these two boys grow up together 🙂
With love,
Mallory & Colin