I have the most adorable apple orchard session to share with you — Oliver just turned one and Leslie and Oz wanted to capture some family photographs for the big occasion. We had to reschedule this one a few times due to the lovely stretch of rainy October weather we were having. But it was definitely worth the wait! Oliver was loving the camera…and the apples even more! Leslie was smart enough to bring a clean apple from home (genius), should Oliver want to start picking up the bad ones from the ground. It became his favorite new snack! And also while you will see some cute photos of him enjoying it throughout the session 🙂
CalizFamily-1437047072CalizFamilyCalizFamily-1444627648CalizFamily-1438298176I just love the precious smile hiding behind the apple here 🙂CalizFamily-1438704176Oliver loves Mickey! And his favorite song is the “Hot Dog” song from Mickey…which I had stuck in my head for days after singing it over and over for this session. I will do whatever it takes to get a smile! 🙂CalizFamily-1440469696CalizFamily2CalizFamily-1443549520CalizFamily4CalizFamily-1446086952CalizFamily-1446472920CalizFamily-1447329232He’s either got the wink down pat, or the apple was kind of sour 😉
CalizFamily3CalizFamily-1490524552CalizFamily6CalizFamily-1497225552CalizFamily-1458940672CalizFamily-1459565824CalizFamily-1463402992CalizFamily5CalizFamily-1466252240CalizFamily-1471946032CalizFamily-1473444808Happy Birthday Oliver! Thanks for letting us play with you and capture some photos of your adventurous personality!
With love,
Mallory & Colin