Amélie's First Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Amélie! I was so excited when my dear old friend, Mackenzie, called me to capture her daughter’s first birthday party. Mackenzie, her husband Andy, and Amélie, currently live in Basel, Switzerland. She and Amélie were back in Indy to visit family for a few weeks while Andy stayed in Basel to work (why you won’t see him in any photos 🙂 ). Mackenzie wanted to have a little family get-together/birthday party for Amélie before they headed back to Switzerland! So much love from friends and family at this party — it was a blast to capture! Enjoy 🙂
Amelie-0022Cealy and Amélie (cousins)Amelie5Amelie-0279Amelie-0325AmelieAmelie-0053Amelie-0062It’s not a party without a bounce house! 😀Amelie-0128Cruz and Sebastian are taking a quick rest break from the bounce house…Amelie-0187Amélie and Sloane cheesin’ it up 🙂 🙂 Amelie3Amelie-0213Amélie’s grandparents love her so much 🙂Amelie-0228Amelie4Amelie-0230Amelie-0259Outfit change for the birthday girl!Amelie-0356Amelie-0363Sister and brother both having fun in the bounce house 😀Amelie2Amelie-0425Baby meltdown! Poor Amélie…she was a trooper though and was back to her happy self once she got out of the bounce house 🙂Amelie-0434Amelie7Amelie-0448Amelie6Amelie-0524Amelie-0694
Amelie-0854Amelie-0863Hands down my favorite photo from this day…Cruz did not want his picture taken and was not afraid to let us know! 😉
Amelie-0897Amelie-0927BEAUTIFUL cake from Taylor’s Bakery!Amelie-0959Amelie9Amelie-0065Amelie-0050Amelie8All I can say about this last group photo attempt is….this is real life 🙂
Amelie-0178Thank you Mackenzie and Amélie for asking me to capture your special day! I had so much fun — Happy Birthday Amélie!!
With love,