Jim+Connie+Family :: Portrait Session

Ahh how I love bigger family sessions — and even more when they are part of my family! You have seen this whole group before on the blog, and you might also recognize a smaller portion of the family (Rick, Jenny, Cole & Chloe) who have also been on the blog a couple times – one of my favorites was Chloe’s 1st Birthday party.  Half of the family now lives all over and when they were all in town, it was important to get some updated family photos 🙂TitakFamily14-0020My dear Nana and Aunt…love this candid shot 🙂TitakFamily14-0040Regina, Riley and Ben — all the way from Montana! Could they be any more photogenic?! TitakFamily14-0131TitakFamily14-0063Riley, Cole and ChloeTitakFamily14-0099TitakFamily14-7632Yay! Christina and Adam are newly engaged! 😀
TitakFamily2014TitakFamily14-0145TitakFamily2014-4TitakFamily14-0180TitakFamily2014-2TitakFamily14-0162TitakFamily14-0347TitakFamily14-7808Haha I love Cole’s expression here. He is so cooperative when it comes t getting his photo taken, but I caught this quick expression that says, “how many photos are you going to take Mallory?!”TitakFamily14-7792Christina, Adam, Lincoln and Lego 🙂TitakFamily14-0563TitakFamily14-0573TitakFamily14-0496Cole brought his favorite car and wanted a few photos with it. Of course I obliged 🙂TitakFamily14-7693TitakFamily14-0398He deserved every M&M for being such a good sport!TitakFamily14-0501TitakFamily14-7667The 4 siblings – Regina, Christina, Rick and Jamie.TitakFamily14-0538Cole the little explorer 🙂TitakFamily14-0269TitakFamily14-0229TitakFamily14-0225TitakFamily2014-3TitakFamily14-7852TitakFamily2014-5Looking for more bugs…TitakFamily14-0265TitakFamily14-0551
With love,