Whitney + Kyle  Wedding

Oh boy am I excited to share these photos with you! Whitney & Kyle’s wedding was on a crisp fall day in November at a gorgeous farm in Zionsville, IN. I am so glad that they asked me to capture their special day…and that’s exactly what it was. It was beautiful to see them make their blended family with four kids (Bailey, Kailyn, Aiden & Sloane) official and even more wonderful at how perfect they all fit together to form one, happy family.
This is a longer than normal post so sit back, relax and enjoy the captured moments on their incredible day!
Aiden is a Lego master…no joke!Whitney is a genius – she bought these fur-lined TOMS shoes for the day. I would be lying if I said I didn’t order a pair myself afterwards 😀Whitney reminding Aiden & Sloane about their part in the ceremony 🙂Time to get married! They were married atop this beautiful boat house on this lovely pond. The entire family walked in together and it was just precious 😀Very excited about what is coming next… 🙂The finished product -I love this so much!You may now kiss the bride!So, in the middle of the boat house was this huge bell. Kyle and Whitney promised Aiden that after the ceremony he could ring it…so he did and it was awesome!Candid shot of Kyle with his dad and brother.
I loved that this was a very small and intimate wedding with just their family and close friends. Also, because we could fit the whole group in one photo! 🙂What a beautiful family!!! Even though it was a bit chilly this day, it was NOT raining and that’s what they were worried about the most. 🙂
After the ceremony we went around the farm to capture some family photos! Aiden and Sloane ready to go…Kailyn and Bailey, not so much… haha 🙂
One of my favorites! 🙂 🙂 🙂Whitney – you are STUNNING!Thank you again, Kyle, Whitney, Bailey, Kailyn, Aiden & Sloane for allowing me to capture your family’s special day. I had so much fun with you all, despite the chilly temperatures!
With love,