Teddy is One!

Happy 1st Birthday to Teddy! The cutest one-year-old boy with red hair you will ever meet πŸ™‚ Teddy’s mom and dad, Lisa & Jeremiah, are two of my sister’s very best friends. I was thrilled when they asked me to capture some photos of Teddy as he turns one (tomorrow October 30th is his actual birthday!) Sit back, relax and enjoy these aaaaa-dorable photos of Mr. Teddy…
Teddy was more interested in playing with the letters than getting his picture taken πŸ™‚I mean seriously, that laugh just melts my heart!“Check out this awesome stick I found, dad!”
“It tastes like candy!” haha πŸ™‚Fun & kisses with dad and mom πŸ™‚I have learned that snacks are crucial to making it through a session with kiddos πŸ˜‰This is not just any old tractor…this was Jeremiah’s dad’s and Jeremiah’s when he was a little boy. This was the first time Teddy had seen this and you can see his excitement πŸ™‚A true country boy at heart <3I just love those red curls !It’s cupcake smash time! Teddy is wearing one of Jeremiah’s IU ties πŸ™‚Teddy was pretty excited about the cupcake…This yellow blanket was Jeremiah’s as a baby πŸ™‚
Perfect photo to end a fantastic session! Happy Birthday Teddy! πŸ™‚
With love,