Ellery's First Communion

I am very excited to share these photos with you all. Ellery is my cousin and her mom (my Aunt) called me and asked if I would photograph Ellery’s First Communion.  Of course I said YES and began planning then. The mass was held at St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church. Afterwards, they held a fantastic party that any kid would love!
This is what I love to do – take images that people want and will cherish, but don’t want to miss out on the actual event or life moment. My Aunt at one point said to me, “I am so glad that you are taking these photos and I don’t have to worry about taking any today!” This is what I love to do, and love to provide great images for people to keep. 🙂
Beautiful Ellery!The proud parents 🙂 This is Ellery’s little brother, Maxton (aka Boomer). He wasn’t as excited as everyone else for the mass…Ellery’s First Holy CommunionThe family all sitting together 🙂Boomer out…Ellery’s creative Mom bought these adorable rhinestone crosses to put on the bottom of her shoes! Boomer was not having it…there is always one kid who does NOT want their picture taken 😉  (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t that kid when I was little) So precious…We then headed back to their house for the party! Ellery’s Sweet Shop. A full candy bar of all of Ellery’s favorite candy in her theme color of purple! Seriously, how fun?!B-E-A-utiful flower center pieces on the tables. Stunning!Ellery received a one-of-a-kind gift: An American Girl doll that looks just like her AND a hand-sewn dress that is identical to Ellery’s First communion dress. Oh, and the rhinestone crosses on the bottom of her shoes…! Costume change into more comfortable clothes 🙂  This is my youngest sister, Ayri, and Boomer having fun at the party!Then we ventured outside and out came the 20+ cans of purple silly string!Boomer liked going around and collecting all of the fallen silly string 🙂Poor Jack 😀Ellery with her Nana & Papa! Who also matched her theme perfectly. They claim it was unplanned 🙂American Girl Ellery needed a break at the bar 😉Her beautiful veil.A sweet moment captured of Boomer with his Papa during some quiet time away from the party in the movie theater 🙂Ellery and her friends having a blast! A perfect ending to the night!Cheers!