Mike+Kollin+Michael & Family

I am really excited about this session. I had the pleasure of being able to take some photographs of my best friend Kourtney’s sister and her family — Mike, Kollin and adorable little Michael (2.5 years old). We were blessed to have hit the peak time during the GORGEOUS fall colors! Michael is quite the little character, and definitely provided some great faces to capture 🙂 Did I mention Kollin is expecting baby #2? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kourtney and Kollin’s mom, Julie, tagged along with us and we got some cute shots of Michael with his Grammie 🙂 This may be one of my favorites! Michael and his Auntie Kourtney 🙂 Children’s giggles are just precious 🙂The whole fam! Such a goofball…I love it! A sweet moment captured with Michael and his Auntie 🙂 Little explorer!Out comes the tricycle! Beautiful blue eyed sisters 🙂I told Michael to come back this way because I had his surprise for him…and he was serious business when he saw what I had for him…I am not above bribery and these colorful lollipops have been perfect for my sessions with kiddos! 🙂 He was determined to be able to eat the lollipop and continue to drive his tricycle…with one hand. hehe 🙂 Michael started throwing punches at Kourtney when she tried to sneak a lick…haha this is the best 🙂Thank you so much for letting me play with you all and capture some sweet moments of your beautiful family. I can’t wait to meet the new little one and continue to watch baby Michael grow up 🙂

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