Hayley Turns One! :: Portrait Session

Happy Birthday to the adorable Hayley! I was really excited when my sister’s friend, Lori, asked me to capture her daughter’s first birthday by doing a portrait session in Chicago before her birthday party (that session will be on the blog next)! Hayley was so much fun and we had a a great time getting some adorable photos of this beautiful one-year-old! We couldn’t have lucked out better by having a pink-ish carpet where we were taking the photos to match her AH-dorable tutu and outfit πŸ™‚
Hayley_Portrait-0150We blew some bubbles to get some of these sweet smiles, and Hayley become so curious of them trying to catch them…it was so cute!Hayley1Hayley_Portrait-208Hayley_Portrait-0163Such beautiful, long eyelashes!Hayley2Hayley’s Gaga, Aunt Alyssa and her mom, Lori! Also, love those two front teeth coming in on the right πŸ˜€
Hayley3What a good looking family!Hayley_Portrait-0388Hayley_Portrait-0403Hayley with her Gaga and Grandpa πŸ™‚Hayley_Portrait-0438Hayley admiring her Aunt Alyssa πŸ™‚Hayley_Portrait-0446Daddy’s little girl!Hayley_Portrait-0482Kisses for Mommy πŸ™‚Hayley_Portrait-0809Such a sweet moment captured with mom and dadHayley_Portrait-0800Hayley didn’t think the tutu was enough flare for her special day, so Gaga let her borrow her pretty necklace! And her phone…Hayley6Hayley_Portrait-0681“Why are all of you up there, and I’m on the floor? Someone pick me up, please!”Hayley_Portrait-0688Hayley4Hayley_Portrait-0613Hayley_Portrait-0576Hayley_Portrait-0513Hayley_Portrait-0569Hayley_Portrait-537Hayley_Portrait-500Hayley_Portrait-487Supposedly, Hayley does not like her hair in a ponytail. So, everytime she reached up and started to realize she had a bow in her hair, we had to quickly distract her so that she wouldn’t pull it out, ha! πŸ™‚Hayley_Portrait-0313Hayley_Portrait-0346Hayley_Portrait-0342Hayley getting a little workout in before her party, doing some planks, or push ups I can’t tell πŸ™‚
Hayley_Portrait-339“MOM…I know there is a bow up there…” to “OOOOH letters!” πŸ˜€Hayley5Sooo big!Hayley_Portrait-0285Hayley_Portrait-0237Hayley_Portrait-0190Hayley_Portrait-0169Checking out the big windy city below her that she calls home πŸ™‚Hayley_Portrait-756Hayley_Portrait-0885Happy Birthday Hayley! I can’t believe you are already one…thank you for asking me to capture some sweet memories of you as you turned one! Stay tuned for her birthday party up next on the blog!
With love,