What a wonderful big family! I may be a little biased, as these are my aunt, uncle and cousins πŸ™‚ But even so, you can’t deny how beautiful these family photos are below. Everyone is scattered across the country and Connie wanted to get some family photos taken while everyone was in town for Thanksgiving. Ben, Regina and their almost 3 year old daughter Riley were in town all the way from Montana. Christina from Chicago and Jamie from Boston. You may recognize Rick, Jenny, Cole and Chloe from a recent family session πŸ™‚
Riley needed a little snuggle time with dad before family photo time. How precious πŸ™‚
Mr. Cole man! My handsome cousin and future baby model, I’m convinced πŸ™‚ Little man Sperry’s…nothing cuter.Sometime we all just need a little time to ourselves to think things over πŸ™‚Baby Chloe and GrampsI love Chloe’s expression here πŸ™‚So cute…Regina was singing to Riley and Riley was telling her to “Shhh” πŸ™‚ The whole family!This is priceless…Mimi and Gramps with their 3 grandchildren. Aunt Christina and ColeLove this image…so much fun!Can’t forget the dogs. Spencer and Sophie wanted their picture taken too!Cole gives a big thumbs up to his first candy cane πŸ™‚Cole and Aunt Christina having fun playing on the top bunk bed!Beautiful ChloeThanks all for letting me hang out and capture some beautiful moments while the family was all together! πŸ™‚